WaterSmart Home Survey Kit

Home Survey Kit Cover and Worksheet Composite

Want to “slow the flow?” Evaluate your household’s water use to search for the most common household leaks and inefficient fixtures. The kit includes a worksheet, dye tabs, a flow-meter bag, and step-by-step instructions. You will learn how to read your water meter and test for leaks. Indoors, you will check water-using fixtures and appliances, and measure faucet and showerhead flow rates. Outdoors, you will check irrigation hardware and watering schedules. Return your survey results to EBMUD and receive, if needed, free water-saving devices such as showerheads, faucet aerators, or low-flow garden hose nozzles.

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For Teachers and Other Educators

The Home Survey Kit is a great take-home activity to augment water education curricula and classroom materials for students in upper elementary grades and high school.

Classroom Materials

Official Leak Detective Badge Sticker for Kids

For a limited time only, receive a "Leak Detective / Water Saver" badge when you order a Home Survey Kit (see above). One per household, while supplies last.